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Reckless Kid Films



Multi-award winning drama about an elderly couple who change the lives of a young family forever. Starring Sir John Hurt.

People Like Paul

An affecting true story of how a Virgin Media engineer represents the values of his organisation.

Rewriting Mobility

The future of automobile technology safety, as played out through the day in the life of a Continental family.

Human Codec

Applicant 034 states her case - The future lies in humanity steering technology, not vice versa. A Ph.Creative Film.

Be You, With Us

Don’t follow the herd and be a sheeple! Be yourself, at Cisco. Original concept by Ed Nathanson.

The Journey

A group of diverse people discover the true value of working together, as they embark on a journey they will not forget.


Reckless Kid Films create original narrative drama, commercial, and employer brand digital content. We believe in the power of imaginative storytelling with exceptional production value, utilising innovative digital technology, delivered through a variety of platforms.

Our employer brand work demonstrates the impact of emotive storytelling, bringing authentic human stories to life through a variety of styles and innovative forms. Short film includes multi award-winning Break starring Sir John Hurt, which has worldwide distribution. Reckless Kid Films are currently in pre-production with a slate of exciting and varied projects.

Reckless Kid has offices in Liverpool, London, New York and San Diego. Our core team comprises of Creative Director Nick Moss, who has worked extensively as an actor and director in Television and Film, and as Creative Director for Ph.Creative, together with the CEO of Ph.Creative Bryan Adams, who has redefined employer brand and talent attraction through his pioneering insights into the application of storytelling techniques. Bryan’s podcast series comprises of interviews with leading experts in storytelling form. Nick and Bryan work from concept to script to production on all projects undertaken.

Reckless Kid Films is a full-scale production house able to deliver all high-end film and digital video services, from concept through to script and final delivery in broadcast or digital form. We undertake compelling original projects that excite us. Our post-production services include all aspects of CGI and stop-motion animation.

We specialise in:

  • Talent Attraction Films
  • Job Preview Videos
  • Location and Workplace Attraction Films
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Broadcast Brand Commercials
  • Facebook live event coverage
  • 360 video
  • Promos

"Use filmmaking for a greater purpose, than to just entertain some drowsy minds. Wake the whole world up with your movies."